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Meet the ReproNim Team!

ReproNim Leadership

  • David Kennedy ReproNim PI - ReproNim: A Center for Reproducible Neuroimaging Computation
    • Professor of Psychiatry and Radiology, UMass Chan Medical School, Worcester, MA
      • Founding Director, Division of Neuroinformatics
      • Founding Co-Director, Child and Adolescent Neurodevelopment Initiative (CANDI) Lab
    • Founding Director, Center for Reproducible Neuroimaging Computation (ReproNim)
  • Maryann Martone Project 1 Co-Lead - A FAIR Data and Metadata Foundation for Reproducible Research (DISCOVER)
    • Professor Emerita of Neuroscience, UC San Diego Health Sciences, San Diego, CA
    • Chair, Governing Board, INCF
  • Jeffrey Grethe Project 1 Co-Lead - A FAIR Data and Metadata Foundation for Reproducible Research (DISCOVER)
    • Associate Director, Neurosciences, UC San Diego Health Sciences, San Diego, CA
  • Satra Ghosh Project 2 Lead - Improving Research Efficiency through Better Descriptors (DESCRIBE)
  • Yaroslav Halchenko Project 3 Lead - Efficient and Reproducible Execution from Data Collection to Processing (DO)
    • Research Associate Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
    • Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Science, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
  • Jean-Baptise Poline Training Core Lead
    • Associate Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Montreal Neurologic Institute, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
      • Primary Investigator, Ludmer Centre for Neuroinformatics & Mental Health, Montreal Neurologic Institute
      • Principal Investigator, NeuroDataScience - ORIGAMI Research Group, Montreal Neurologic Institute
    • Chair, CTSI, INCF

    Our Current Full Team by Site

    • University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School, Worcester, MA
      • David Kennedy Principal Investigator
        • Julie Bates Administrative Core
        • Christian Haselgrove Senior Software Engineer
        • Steven Hodge Data Analyst, Statistician

    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
      • Satra Ghosh Project Lead
        • Rahul Brito Doctoral Student Researcher
        • Dorota Jarecka Postdoctoral Researcher
        • Alisha Kodibagkar Research Associate

    • Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
      • Yaroslav Halchenko Project Lead
        • Andrew Connolly Software Developer, System Administrator
        • Austin MacDonald Scientific Software Developer

    • McGill University, Montreal, Canada
      • Jean-Baptise Poline Project Lead
        • Peer Herholz Postdoctoral Researcher
        • Sebastian Urchs Scientific Software Developer

    • University of California at Irvine, Irvine, CA
      • David Keator Senior Investigator
        • Nazek Queder Doctoral Student Researcher

    • University of California at San Diego, San Diego, CA
      • Maryann Martone and Jeff Grethe Project Leads
        • Fahim Imam Postdoctoral Researcher

    • Preuss Enterprises, Inc.
      • Nina Preuss Investigator


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Sanu Abraham*

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Julie Bates

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Robert Buccigrossi*

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Al Crowley*

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Satra Ghosh

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Jeff Grethe

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Yaroslav Halchenko

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Christian Haselgrove

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Peer Herholz

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Steve Hodge

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Fashim Imam

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Dorota Jarecka

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David Keator

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David Kennedy

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Alisha Kodibagkar

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Maryann Martone

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JB Poline

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Nina Preuss

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Matt Travers*

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Sebastian Urchs

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