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Announcing the ReproNim/INCF 2022 Training Fellows!

A big Welcome to our new Fellows!

We are excited to announce our third year of the ReproNim/INCF Training Fellowship Program, which kicked off with our opening workshop in Glasgow, Scotland on June 17-18, 2022. This is a full year Train-the-Trainer fellowship program, jointly sponsored by the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) ( which provides Fellows with conceptual and practical training in reproducible neuroimaging, as well as tailored support for individual syllabus development and implementation of reproducibility training in their home institutions.

Program Overview

This is a project-based Train-the-Trainer program, with access to networking and mentorship in support of those endeavors, rather than a lot of specific tasks. Our previous fellows have done a wide range of training events among them (for example a thematic hackathon, or a semester long course, or a training program for an imaging center, or a one-day workshop on a specific topic), so the process evolves for each fellow depending upon their goals, expertise, and local environments.

Fellows are expected to develop some mechanism for training others and sharing their interest and expertise in reproducibility at their respective home institutions/local scientific forums. In addition, we strongly encourage participation in our 4 one-hour teleconference calls throughout the year, to bring Fellows and Faculty together. We also seek Fellows’ feedback on and contributions to ReproNim teaching materials, which provides potential opportunities for Fellows (and their students) to help refine these materials to be maximally useful and accessible.

ReproNim/INCF Fellowship Benefits

  • Travel funds to attend the in-person training workshop in Glasgow, Scotland (circumstances permitting)
  • One-day opening and training workshop (split across two days, June 17-18, 2022) in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Conceptual and hands-on experience in various aspects of reproducible neuroimaging, including computational technologies, pipelines/workflows, data handling and statistics.
  • Ongoing Mentorship with ReproNim faculty throughout the year and as needed going forward.
  • Networking and Collaborative opportunities, including ReproNim faculty, Fellows, and Alumni
  • Professional and Leadership skill building
  • Fellowship Honor for your CV, Biosketch

2022 Awardees

Image of Julia Berezutskaya

Julia Berezutskaya

Image of Johanna Bayer

Johanna Bayer

Image of Andrea Burgess

Andrea Burgess

Image of Ryan Cali

Ryan Cali

Image of Yibei Chen

Yibei Chen

Image of Sam Guay

Sam Guay

Image of Felix Hoffsteaedter

Felix Hoffsteaedter

Image of Julian Kosciessa

Julian Kosciessa

Image of Celine Provins

Celine Provins

Image of David Smith

David Smith

Image of Avery Van De Water

Avery Van De Water

Image of Yukai Zou

Yukai Zou

2020-2021 Awardees

Image of Karolina Finc

Karolina Finc

Image of Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph

Image of Jennifer Legault

Jennifer Legault

Image of Sook-Lei Liew

Sook-Lei Liew

Image of Elizabeth McDevitt

Elizabeth McDevitt

Image of Chris Rorden

Chris Rorden

Image of Julie Schneider

Julie Schneider

Image of Adina Wagner

Adina Wagner

Image of Lennart Wittkuhn

Lennart Wittkuhn

Image of Xihe Xie

Xihe Xie

2019-2020 Awardees

Image of Michael Dayan

Michael Dayan

Image of Aaron Kemp

Aaron Kemp

Image of James Kent

James Kent

Image of Greg Kiar

Greg Kiar

Image of Elizabeth Levitis

Elizabeth Levitis

Image of Sam Nastase

Sam Nastase

Image of Etienne Roesch

Etienne Roesch

Image of Paula Sanz-Leon

Paula Sanz-Leon

Image of Sebastien Tourbier

Sebastien Tourbier

Image of David Warren

David Warren

Image of Junqian (Gordon) Xu

Junqian (Gordon) Xu