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Welcome ReproNim/INCF 2020-2021 Training Fellows!

We are excited to announce the upcoming second year of our ReproNim/INCF Training Fellowship Program, sponsored jointly by the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF). This is a full year Train-the-Trainer fellowship program which provides Fellows with conceptual and practical training in reproducible neuroimaging, as well as tailored support for individual syllabus development and implementation of reproducibility training in their home institutions. Through generous the generous co-sponsorship of the INCF, ten (10) fellowships have been awarded for this year.

ReproNim/INCF Fellowship Benefits

  • Travel funds to attend the in-person training workshop in Montreal, Canada on June 22, 2020
    • Please note that due to the pandemic, our opening workshop will be held virtually. Details are still being finalized.
  • Conceptual and hands-on experience in various aspects of reproducible neuroimaging, including computational technologies, pipelines/workflows, data handling and statistics
  • Ongoing Mentorship with ReproNim faculty throughout the year and as needed going forward
  • Networking and Collaborative opportunities, including ReproNim faculty, Fellows, and Alumni
  • Professional and Leadership skill building
  • Fellowship honor for your CV, Biosketch


  • Interest in improving your skills and in teaching reproducible neuroimaging
  • Time available to contribute to existing ReproNim training material
  • Willingness to lead a training event at your home institution or local scientific forum, using ReproNim material

Note: The ReproNim training team will help you plan and execute your training event

Applications for the 2020-2021 year are now closed.

  • 2020-2021 Awardees

    Image of Karolina Finc

    Karolina Finc

    Image of Michael Joseph

    Michael Joseph

    Image of Jennifer Legault

    Jennifer Legault

    Image of Sook-Lei Liew

    Sook-Lei Liew

    Image of Elizabeth McDevitt

    Elizabeth McDevitt

    Image of Chris Rorden

    Chris Rorden

    Image of Julie Schneider

    Julie Schneider

    Image of Adina Wagner

    Adina Wagner

    Image of Lennart Wittkuhn

    Lennart Wittkuhn

    Image of Xihe Xie

    Xihe Xie

    ReproNim/INCF 2019-2020 Training Fellowship

    We had an outstanding group of applicants with diverse talents, and were happy to be able to extend Fellowship awards to a larger number of recipients than originally anticipated, through the generous co-sponsorship of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF). This year’s fellows come from five countries, spanning three continents!

    Congratulations to our inaugural 2019-2020 ReproNim/INCF Fellows, who will:

    We kicked off the year on June 5, 2019 with a full day training workshop for Fellows in Rome, Italy, just before the annual Organization for Human Brain Mapping Meeting (OHBM), June 8-13, 2019 in Rome

    2019-2020 Awardees

    Image of Michael Dayan

    Michael Dayan

    Image of Aaron Kemp

    Aaron Kemp

    Image of James Kent

    James Kent

    Image of Greg Kiar

    Greg Kiar

    Image of Elizabeth Levitis

    Elizabeth Levitis

    Image of Sam Nastase

    Sam Nastase

    Image of Etienne Roesch

    Etienne Roesch

    Image of Paula Sanz-Leon

    Paula Sanz-Leon

    Image of Sebastien Tourbier

    Sebastien Tourbier

    Image of David Warren

    David Warren

    Image of Junqian (Gordon) Xu

    Junqian (Gordon) Xu