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ReproNim is dedicated to making neuroimaging research openly reproducible across a wide spectrum of research endeavors. We actively seek and support community engagement and feedback in the technical development, application, and refinement of user-friendly computational services that can be readily integrated into current research practices. Contact us to participate.

We are collaborating with numerous groups around the country and abroad to synergistically develop ReproNim tools in concert with (and as informed by) rapidly advancing technologies in a variety of areas including image analysis, workflow processing, data sourcing and hosting, and associated API developments (See Collaborator Projects below).

In parallel, we are working with both basic and clinical researchers with established programs of applied neuroimaging research around the country, as well as large scale informatics initiatives in the US and the UK, to guide and refine the practical implementation of ReproNim tools in a variety of real-world research settings (See Service Projects below).

Collaborating Projects

Service Projects