Minify Containers#

Neurodocker provides a utility to minify existing Docker containers for specific commands. This feature relies heavily on ReproZip.


Neurodocker must be installed with pip to minify containers.

pip install neurodocker[minify]

The Docker engine must also be installed and running. You can confirm that Docker is installed and running by executing

docker images

on the command-line. If Docker is not available, the neurodocker minify command will not be available.

Minify image with ANTs#

In the following example, a Docker image is built with ANTs version 2.3.1 and a functional scan. The image is minified for running antsMotionCorr. The original ANTs Docker image is 1.96 GB, and the minified image is 369 MB. The only directory that is pruned is /opt, which includes the ANTs installation. This means that important directories like /usr and /bin are untouched, and the container can still be used interactively.

# Create a Docker image with ANTs, and download a functional scan.
download_cmd="curl -fsSL -o /home/func.nii.gz"
neurodocker generate docker \
    --pkg-manager yum \
    --base-image centos:7 \
    --ants version=2.3.1 \
    --run="$download_cmd" \
    | docker build -t ants:2.3.1 -

# Run the container in the background.
docker run --rm -itd --name ants-container ants:2.3.1

# Find all of the files under `/opt` that are not used by the command(s),
# and queue those files for deletion.
cmd="antsMotionCorr -d 3 -a /home/func.nii.gz -o /home/func_avg.nii.gz"
neurodocker minify \
    --container ants-container \
    --dir /opt \
# Read through the list of files that will be deleted, and respond with
# the keyboard. Then, create a new Docker image using the pruned container.
docker export ants-container | docker import - ants:2.3.1-min-motioncorr

# View a summary of the Docker images.
docker images
# REPOSITORY   TAG                    IMAGE ID       CREATED             SIZE
# ants         2.3.1-min-motioncorr   597aedcbf7fc   2 minutes ago       369MB
# ants         2.3.1                  4fda1f47feb2   4 minutes ago       1.96GB
# centos       7                      8652b9f0cb4c   3 months ago        204MB