ReproNim Reproducible Basics Module

The core tools: shell, version control, etc. and how proficiency in the use of these tools promotes reproducibility in your research.

This module is a part of the training curriculum from the ReproNim (Reproducible Neuroimaging) Center.

The template for all ReproNim modules is based on templates from the Neurohackweek, Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry workshops.


09:00 Module overview Why should I care?
Who is this module for?
How should I study it?
09:05 Command line/shell Why and how does using the command line/shell efficiently increase the reproducibility of neuroimaging studies?
How can we ensure that our scripts do the right thing?
12:05 Version control systems How do version control systems help reproducibility, and which systems should be used?
17:45 Package managers and distributions What are the benefits of using package managers and distributions?
How can we establish and control computation environments using available package managers and distributions?
Which distribution(s) best suit my needs and use-cases?
21:15 'Right to share' What are the legal aspects to be kept in mind to ease sharing and reproducibility?
24:15 Other day-to-day reproducible practices How does reproducibility help in fixing bugs?
What can you do to be ready to share your studies reproducibly?
24:40 Wrap-Up What have we learned?
24:55 Finish